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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Home Cuming

Home Cuming

As Ava drove home from a very long day at the office, her mind kept drifting off, fantasizing about her fiancé Mark and all the dirty things she was hoping he would do to her tonight. She hated when Mark traveled, but she loved how hungry for her he was when he returned. She knew she was in for the foreplay she craved with the man who knew her body better than anyone ever had before.

Ava watched the cookie cutter homes in her gated community pass by and wondered if anyone else she knew liked the sexual predilections that her and her lover often expressed. She knew that acts such as theirs were never discussed openly, or even hinted at, in their upper middle class suburban community, but still she wondered how unique they were.

Ava pulled into her driveway and was disappointed when she didn't see Mark's car. He text her from the airport over an hour ago so she thought for sure he would beat her home. And she thought, or wished, he would be waiting to play upon her arrival. Ava gathered her purse and briefcase from the passenger seat and entered the house. Her heels clicked across the marble foyer floor, and the sound brought her back to the day Mark left for his trip, when he had pinned her up against the front door, needing her one more time to make up for the spell they would be apart.

Ava's body heated in anticipation, and she thought a glass of wine would be a good idea to settle her nerves. As she poured the crimson colored liquid into her glass, she could feel the lacy thong between her thighs becoming moist. As she sipped and swirled the fruity concoction in her mouth, her mind once again drifted back to her beloved. Ava hoisted herself up in the corner of the countertop and settled her heels on either side of her; exposing the blooming crux of pleasure to the coolness of the air in the kitchen. She tilted her head back until it hit the cabinet door behind her, and slid her hand between her thighs. She moved the thin strip of fabric to the side and teased her glistening seam with her delicate painted fingernail as she thought of Mark and the many ways he would take her once he got home.

Mark pulled into the driveway and was elated to see Ava's car parked on her side of the driveway. He had been waiting for this part of his day since he woke up in his lonely hotel room this morning, hard and desperately needing a release. Traveling was always difficult for him when Ava didn't join. He missed her, and although he knew she would never stray, he hated leaving her with her needs unfulfilled. He knows she is just as hungry, sexually, as he is, but he discourages her from pleasing herself in his absence because he loves how eager she becomes when she doesn't cum for days on end.

Mark quietly entered the house in hopes of surprising Ava in the shower, or even better, naked and waiting for him in their bedroom. Just as he approached the stairs, he caught a glimpse of her leg propped up on the counter. His heart sank. He was fearful of what he would find in his kitchen. He heard her soft moans and his fists clenched. If there was anyone in his house, fucking his woman, he was going to lose his mind. He swiftly and silently walked toward the kitchen and just as Ava came into full view his shoulders relaxed.

She was alone.

He looked her over, and he felt his semi go to full blown throbbing as he gazed at the woman before him. Her shiny black heels firmly planted on the multi colored granite top was what he noticed first. His eyes roamed up black silky stockings to the pale skin that peeked out the top to reveal her bare womanhood that was drawing him in like a laser beam. Even though he was relieved that she was alone, he was jealous of the digits that were touching what he owns, even if they are her own he didn’t like it.

He stalked closer and saw how turned on she was. He noted the arch of her back and the feverish way she rubbed herself. Just as she bent her fingers at the knuckle, to enter the temple that he worshiped, his nostrils flared, and he exhaled loudly. She was beautiful and all his, but she had disobeyed him, and that was cause for punishment.

Ava's eyes lazily opened to reveal her beloved, and her hands instinctively paused. Mark grabbed Ava's hand and lifted it to his lips. He smelled the arousal on the tips of her fingers and painted his lips with her essence before shoving them into his mouth and licking the indulgence from her fingers. He loved the way she tasted, the way she smelled, the way she felt. He wanted nothing more than to pull her close and kiss the hell out of her, but he needed to stay focused. He knew what she craved from him, what they both needed from each other. The push and pull of Dominant and Submissive is what they both desired from day one. Mark needed to put his own needs to the side to sate his cherished possession.

"Get down, Ava," Mark ordered. The coolness in his tone disappointed Ava at first, but in a flash she knew the game had begun when his eyes revealed his intentions.

"Yes, sir," Ava naturally answered and slinked off the counter.

Mark untied the bow on the side of her navy blue wrap dress and watched as it fell open to reveal a black lace, La Pearla bra and panty set he bought for her on his last business trip. He wanted to smile, he really did, but he kept his face impassive as he slid the dress off her shoulders.

"Take the rest off yourself." Mark knew that if he kept touching her it would be game over. He took a step back and watched her do as he asked.

Ava removed her lingerie, rolled down her stockings, and kicked off her shoes, into a messy pile on the floor near her feet. Mark walked out of the kitchen, and Ava knew she needed to follow. Without a word, he walked into his office and stood at the far end of the room. Ava dutifully followed, and when Mark snapped his fingers, she folded her legs and kneeled, facing the wall. Although Ava couldn't see his face, Mark smiled at her from above, then shoved his hands in his pockets to restrain himself, yet again, from touching her and ending this game before it started.

Without another word, Mark stomped out of the office and into their adjoining bedroom where he very loudly made an audible show of stripping off his clothes. Mark made sure to pull his tie from his shirt quickly so the sound of the silk rubbing against his shirt could be heard from where Ava was in the next room. He then undid his belt, making a snapping sound by folding it in half then pulling it taut. The loud popping sound echoed off the dark wooden walls in his office. He glanced through the door as Ava's back straightened, and her shoulders rose and fell with each panting breath.

Ava could hear him. The swoosh of his tie, the snap of his belt, the thump of his shoes hitting the floor before he turned on the shower, but Mark didn’t close the bathroom door. She wanted nothing more than to go to him, but she knew he was angry with her. She disobeyed him and if there is one thing Mark requires more than anything it is control. Ava always looked forward to their play sessions and anticipated them throughout the day. She enjoyed knowing that she made him happy when he had a rough day at work. She craved his touch, especially when he would come home with nothing more than her on his mind.

Ava had found a man who understood her like no one ever had before. He knew her body better than she knew it herself. She had never had this type of relationship with a man before, and ever since she tasted it, she knew it would be all she ever wanted. From the erotic promises he sends her throughout the day, to the small touches at night, she knows that Mark loves her. And for Ava, the best way for her to return those feelings are to give him the greatest gift she could ever bestow upon him, her unconditional trust and submission.

Mark tried to steady his heart rate as the hot water from the shower beat down on him. He was so turned on by the image of Ava sitting on the counter, he found himself, more than once, stroking his shaft absentmindedly. Mark leaned his back against the cool glass wall and played out a different scenario in his head than what actually happened. He imagined kneeling before his goddess and shoving his face between her thighs before bending her over the kitchen counter as he pounded into her mercilessly. Just as her beautiful face came into focus behind his eyelids, he spurt hot thick goo all over the opposite wall. It was just what Mark needed to regain his focus so he was able to control himself for the scene that was about to play out.

After cleaning himself up, Mark stepped out of the shower and dried off.  He walked through the bedroom and saw that Ava was a bit more relaxed, but still in sub position; head bowed with her hands on her upper thighs. He knew she was thinking about him, he could feel it. They somehow had this almost psychic connection to each other; as if they were so in tuned with each other they could read the other's minds. They often talked without saying a word. A glance or a motion would be all he needed to know when they were making love or playing out a scene. They had safe words, sure, but they had yet to use them. He knew what Ava wanted and needed from him. He treasured her submission and cherished her infinitely for giving it to him.

But this was a punishment. Mark threw open the door and Ava's belly fluttered as if a swarm of butterflies just hatched inside her. She heard his steps on the hardwood floor. She kept her eyes down but knew he was at his desk. The sound of wood scraping against wood tickled her ears, and she knew he was searching for something in the drawer where he kept some of the tools they would use when Mark wanted to play in his office. From the corner of her eye, Ava could see Mark's bare feet. She knew his erection was inches away from her face, and it took every bit of self-control she had to not reach out and grab it.

"Stand." Marks voice's was deep and throaty as he commanded his woman.

In one fluid motion, Ava stood, still facing the wall. Mark reached around to grab both her arms, and then fastened them together at the wrists with bondage tape. Standing behind her, Mark guided her over to his desk and pressed down on her back, so she bent at the waist. With his foot, Mark kicked open her stance and slid his hand between the juicy lips between her legs. The side of his hand rubbed her from her clit to her ass as he dragged her juices everywhere. The pad of his thumb put gentle pressure on her puckered knot while his middle finger toyed with her clit.

"You are very wet. Is this for me?" he questioned.

"Yes, sir. Always for you," Ava huffed.  

Mark slid down the back of Ava's body and swirled his tongue around her ass while his fingers tease her entrance very slowly. Marks tongue dipped into the taboo zone and his fingers press into her warm pussy at the same time. Ava's body relaxed on the desktop as the forbidden pleasure she was feeling before is now building inside her lower belly once again. Mark felt her body weaken. He pulled back on her tethers to arch her off the desk. He felt her core tense around his fingers. He knows how far he can push her before she is ready to cum. He knows she is close and just as her inner walls clamp down; Mark stops all at once.

Ava whimpers at his absence, but never moves. Mark settles himself into his high back  chair and admires his woman's ass a bit before pulling her by the hips, so she is hovering above his lap. Her legs open, so they are on the outside of Mark’s thighs. Mark grips his throbbing member with one hand while he pulls Ava lower, by her wrists. Ava can feel Mark’s tip splitting her in two as she slowly sinks down into his lap. Just when she is as full of Mark as possible, he pulls her back against his body and pinches her nipples as he grinds himself all around inside her.

Ava's head falls back. Finally having her man inside her is the most euphoric feeling she knows. She craves him. She desires him in a way she would never be able to articulate with words, and as Mark's mouth licks and nips her neck, she moans. Mark reaches in front of her and teases her nub with his fingers.

            "Do you like when I touch you, Ava?" Mark whispers in her ear.

"Yes, sir."

"This is mine, Ava." Mark grips her hard, his appendage splitting his fingers to the sides of her mound. "I will tell you when and where you can cum. Do you understand me?"

"Yes. Yes, I understand, sir," Ava moans.


Mark pushes Ava's back forward and places both hands under her ass. He lifts her up so his tip is just about to leave her, and then he pulls her back down hard, impaling her. Ava gasps. Mark repeats this over and over, watching her creamy pussy sheath his cock with every pull.

"Oh God!" Ava yells into the room. She wasn't told she can cum yet, and she is trying desperately not to, but her body can't take much more without betraying them both.

Mark pushes Ava forward but never lets go of her wrists. He stands behind her and grips her throat as he breathes in her ear, "You will not cum yet. I will tell you when and where you can cum. You are mine to do with as I please."

Without a word, Ava melts her back to Mark's front. She knows he would never hurt her. She loves that he continually pushes her to the brink of insanity then brings her back just as quickly. Mark has trained Ava to be able to withstand his erotic torture. The teasing and seduction is always worth it in the end. Since their first vanilla lovemaking session, Mark has been able to play Ava's body like a well-coordinated symphony, and he yearns for her supplication to do so. 

Mark wraps his arms around Ava's waist and urges her body to walk toward the dark brown leather sofa. Mark twists her in his arms and grips both sides of her face as he kisses her lips for the first time since he has been home. Their tongues slide in and out of each other’s mouth as Mark laces his fingers in Ava's hair.

Mark yanks Ava's head back by the root of her hair and gazes deeply into her pale blue eyes, "Mine!"

Ava smiles and drags Mark's lower lip between her teeth before she hums, "Mine!"

Mark grins before kissing Ava on the nose as he lowers her to the couch. His arms reach under her knees, and he lays her down; so her back is on the seat cushion and her legs are draped over the back, head hanging off. Starting at her lips, Mark kisses his way up her body. His teeth lock on her left breast as his thumb and forefinger tease the right. As he switches his attention, he can see Ava below him gawking at his girthy rod hanging above her face.

Ava licks her lips and lifts her head to lick the tip as Mark nips and kisses down her belly. Ava widens her legs and grips the cool leather couch with her trussed up hands. Mark's need for his woman is becoming intense. He needs to taste and feel her on him. He needs to brand her and make her his again. Still in control he dives into her slickness with two fingers and locates the spongy spot that makes her squirm with delight. When Ava moans, he increases his pace and finger fucks her until he is sure she is going to spill.

With his left hand, he glides his aching cock into Ava's mouth and bucks his hips into her over and over, again. He can hear her gagging and sputtering as he slides himself down her throat; every now and again stopping to take her breath away. Mark never loses his focus. He fucks her with his fingers and flicks Ava's clit with his tongue as she squirts her reward into his mouth.

Mark locks his mouth over her opening and sucks out her juices as he reaches between his legs and extracts himself from her mouth. Mark strokes his engorged cock as Ava gasps for her breath. Mark cascades his hot load over Ava's mouth and chest while grunting into her as he laps up all of the nectar her body gives him. 

Biting her lips first, Mark stands slightly and watches as the last of his spunk coats her milky white skin, driping in rivets down the sides of her breasts. As their eyes lock once again, Mark pulls his finger though the gooey mess and rubs the sticky coating around Ava's lips.

"Mine." Mark declares. Ava smiles and nods as she licks her lips clean.

Mark then glides his hand down her body, spreading himself everywhere. His dripping hand moves to Ava's swollen pussy. As he dips his fingers into her, he proclaims once again,"Mine."

"Yes. Yes, all yours, baby." Ava exhales.

In his final claim of authority, Mark takes his coated finger and pushes into the one place Ava has not allowed him access to yet, taking her completely by surprise. Ava gasps at his intrusion and catches him looking down at her.

"This is mine, too. Every place that I have marked with my seed is mine. You will ask my permission before you pleasure yourself again. Are we clear?"

"Will I be punished like this again if I don't ask permission first?"

"Yes. Every single time. So are you going to be obedient?"

"We'll see." Ava smirks up at Mark's stunned face and giggles as her head falls back off the couch. "Can you untie me now, sir?"

"We'll see," Mark laughs back at her as he straightens himself up and leaves a very messy Ava on his office couch to think about how her smart mouth will get her in trouble in the future.

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