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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Playboy Erotica Writer

Glancing over at my alarm clock, I see that it is going to be another bang up day, considering I overslept by about five hours. 
“Shit,” I mutter to myself as I scrub my hands over my face. 
Every night I give myself the same pep talk. Wake up at 7AM, go to the gym, answer all my correspondence, then get to writing. And what actually happens; every day I snooze my way through my alarm until it's close to noon, pop open my laptop in my bed to see what new dirty pics and downright filthy messages moms across America send me, jack off in the shower, then head off to find some pussy. Or stay in and write, if the previous nights activates proved to be notable. Yes, writing what has been dubbed “mommy porn” has been profitable and exciting for a single guy like myself.
While falling out of bed, I notice my wallet lying on the floor, open, and the round indentation where my trustee Trojan lives, missing. Ahh, it’s coming back to me now.

Tatiana, the bar owners daughter. Last night she decided she needed a hand carrying up a case of wine from the basement. Ever the gentlemen, I of course volunteered, but when I got to the bottom step, she slammed me against the wall and pulled my dick out faster than I could protest.

Not that I protested too much. I'm not stupid.

Before I knew it, my cock was tickling her tonsils and that hot as hell gagging noise girls make when they get me past their uvula drove me insane. Between the dim light, too many shots, and the musky smell of sex in the dank basement, I was ready to shoot into her mouth right then and there. However, my slightly drunken state made the experience drag on far longer than I wanted.

Tatiana is a sweet girl, but she's a four at best. Overly skinny, no ass, small tits, eyes too big for her face. I shudder as the full picture comes into focus. The upside of banging anorexic chicks is they are usually pretty bendy. Taking full advantage of her small size I lifted her onto the empty crates, that were stacked in the corner, and fucked her with her thighs pressed against my stomach and her body jackknifed under me. I think her knees were digging into her eyes because she kept trying to open her legs, but I held them firmly in place so I couldn’t see her face.

Note to self, replace the condom and find a new bar to hang out at.

After taking a piss and grabbing some coffee it is time to see what my personal message inbox has in store for me today:

Jenna: Love you, keep writing…☺

Mark Cox:    Thank you!

Kelly:    You have a dirty mind. Hope to meet you one day. ;)

Mark Cox:    I’ll see you in my dreams darlin’. xoxxo

Liz:    OMG!!! Jst red ur stry u r amaz.

Mark Cox:    Thanx! Always good to hear from pretty ladies. x

SexGoddess:    Wanna video chat? 38/single/ D Cup/ Australia. Would love to show you my down under!

“No thanks, lady. Blocked!” I say to myself, sending her to blocked status so she can’t send me any more messages.

If this business has taught me anything, it is to not provoke the ones who want to see you face to face. I mean I am a good-looking guy, no one could argue with that, but I use my pen name for a reason. I was silly enough to use my real name for the first few stories I published on my blog last year, when I first started writing. I had women and horny college girls alike, showing up at my apartment, wanting to get a piece of the fantasy I created. I had to move and get a pen name for the phone calls and random visits to stop.


Scrolling through my messages, I come across my daily dose of Helen, one of my regulars. I have a few regulars, but Helen is by far the most needy.  Don’t get me wrong, the woman is awesome for my ego. She tells me what I like to hear, daily, and all she asks in return is  some role playing to satisfy the fantasy.  I can do that.  If she needs some much needed attention, I am more than happy to provide her the boost she needs to get through her obvious dry patch.

Helen:   Morning Mr. Cox, I dreamt of you again last night.

Mark:    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I just woke up.You were in my dreams as well, Helen. I sadly woke up to find you not really here.

Before I know it, she is messaging me back. Thank god for the app on my smartphone.

Helen:     Good afternoon, Mr. Cox. I am glad you slept well. (giggle)

Mark:    Thank you, sweetheart, for always looking out for my best interest. In fact, I do have an issue I need some help with. Are you busy at the moment?

Helen:     For you, I have time. What did you have in mind?

Mark:    Well, I woke up with this large pain in my groin, and I am afraid it just won’t go away. Perhaps you can rub it and make it better.

Helen:    I think I can. Give me five minutes. I will take my lunch break and go to my car where this conversation will be more…private. ;)

Mark:    Hurry back. I don’t think I can take it much longer. I may have to take care of the problem myself.

Helen:   NO! Don’t do that. I would be happy to help you scratch that itch. BRB.

While I am waiting for Helen to get back to me, I check my emails. Most of the messages are the same. Updates on reviews, notes from my editor, and fan mail.  The same thing that floods my inbox on a daily basis. If my next book is half as popular as the first, I may need to get an assistant to handle all this correspondence. A hot one perhaps.
Hummm. That would make for an interesting story.
I love being a writer. It allows me to be a different person every day. Create a world that I control and disappear from reality for a little while. My family thinks I am a lazy party boy. They have no idea how I make money, nor do they ask. Being a writer allows me a much more flexible lifestyle than people like my brother, “Lawrence the Lawyer”.

My whole life I heard my parents say, “Be more like Lawrence. Settle down like Lawrence. Find a nice girl like Lawrence.” It is so goddamned irritating. Fuck Lawrence. He has always been a pencil dick. Kissing mommy and daddy’s ass to prove he is, the good son.
Speaking of Lawrence, what do we have here? 
I'd recognize that email address anywhere. I remember laughing at Nicole, Lawrence’s wife, last Christmas when she sent me an eCard from her personal email address. After her and Lawrence had my niece Clair, she changed her email address to NicoleMilf.  Looks like my big brother is not keeping his woman satisfied. Perhaps I can do something about that. Just as I'm about to read Nicole’s email, Helen’s message pops up.

Hell! Let's make this quick.

Helen:        Sorry. I got tied up.

Mark:        Tied up you say? Sounds promising. Where are you now?

Helen:        In my car.

Mark:        Are the windows tinted? What are you wearing?

Helen:        Yes they are. Black skirt, pink blouse, black lace bra and panties.

Mark:         Good. Slide your hands up your skirt and remove those pesky panties first. Leave your skirt bunched up around your waist.

Helen:         Done.

Mark:         Good girl. Now slide your hands up your thighs until your fingers find your sweet spot. Imagine it is me rubbing you and sliding my fingers through your wet lips.

A few moments pass and I look over some of the reviews while I wait. I haven’t gotten much writing done in the last few weeks and my editor is on my case about seeing some more material before my target date. If I don’t start writing more and chatting less, I am going to miss my rapidly approaching deadline.

Helen:    Ummm, feels good. I am always wet for you.  I love it when you touch me. Your fingers are magical.

Magical. Seriously? Is this woman really rubbing one out in the parking lot where she works? Has she no worries of getting caught? For her sake I better make this quick. Besides I want to see what my sister-in-law Nicole needs from good ol’ Mark Cox.

Helen:    Oh, Mark. Your fingers inside of me are making me so hot.

Thank god.

Not going to lie, my dick is getting hard, but it has more to do with what I am going to read from Nicole, and less about Helen getting off in her Volvo.

Mark:    That’s it. Keep going. I can feel you; you’re so close. My cock is throbbing in my hand just thinking about you spread out in the front seat while I reach my hand into your blouse and pinch those perky pink nipples of yours. Ummm, I hope you are ready to cum because I can’t hold off much longer, baby.

Helen:    Oh god. That was amazing. I have never done that in my car before. As always you did not disappoint.

Mark:    You were pretty remarkable yourself. I have to go clean up now, but I wish you a very lovely day. TTYL8R ;)

Great. Now that that’s over, I log off before I see her response. Now where is that email? Ah, there it is. Let’s see what my brother’s wife is in need of.

From:        NicoleMilf

To:            Mark Cox

Subject:    Your many talents

Mr. Cox,

I have read your recent book and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. I am recently divorced and in need of some self-exploration. Your stories provided me with the fantasies I needed to get me through some very lonely evenings. I look forward to finding out what other fantasies you can fulfill for me.

XOXO- Yvette

 “Yvette!” I laugh uncontrollably, causing my laptop to slip off my lap next to me on the couch. 
I didn’t say she was the brightest bulb. She didn’t even create a fake email address. Her email address alone says her name is Nicole, and she has at least one kid. If you are going to have a virtual affair on your husband and lie about your name, at least attempt to cover it up.


My phone buzzes in my hand, indicating I have an appointment. When open the reminder, I see that it is for have my parents anniversary dinner tonight.


The whole family will all be there and I can have some fun with Nicole. My brother has always been a douche when it comes to my girlfriends so now its time for a little redemption. I will seduce his wife, right in front of him, without him even knowing it. This is going to be fucking awesome.

From:        Mark Cox

To:            NicoleMilf

Subject:    Talented indeed


I am very happy to hear I could assist you in reintroducing you to your body. A very impressive body I’m sure. Perhaps I can be of some added assistance tonight when you are all alone in that big bed of yours trying to fall asleep.

Imagine a tall, dark, handsome stranger wearing a pale blue button up shirt knocks at your front door. When you open the door he forces himself in only to find you have company already inside. The handsome stranger, wants to take you right there  in front of everyone and embarrass you for deterring his plans. But instead, he kisses both of your cheeks and whispers dirty promises in your ear before handing you the bottle of white wine he planned on licking off your naked body. Not wanting to be rude, you invite the stranger in and sit him across from you at the dinning table, explaining to the guests that he is a colleague of yours.

Staring into his bright green eyes as they ravage you in front of all your guests, you continue normal conversation knowing that, at any moment, he could touch your naked flesh and send shivers down your spine. He notices you are on edge and visually traces a small bead of sweat as it falls down your hairline and disappears when you dab it with your cloth napkin. He smirks at you from across the table. You gulp down the last bit of wine in your glass hoping that the alcohol will make you brave.

As dinner commences, the handsome stranger helps you clear the dishes off the table. An act of chivalry to any unsuspected soul, but the two of you know better. This is his chance to get you alone. As you approach the kitchen, you can feel the tingle in the air and with one glance, you know that the handsome stranger in front of you wants to bend you over the counter as much as you want him to. Placing the dishes quietly in the sink, you grab the strangers hand and lead him out to the patio where the crisp autumn air chills your overly heated skin.

You lead the handsome stranger to a dark corner of the patio. The dark corner is privately blocked thanks to overgrown roses sprawling across the trellis. The handsome stranger, not being able to control his urges any longer, pushes his hands under your dress and tears your panties from your body. While your mind processes what is happening the fear of being caught by the guests in the house races through your mind. Before you can speak a word, the handsome stranger plunges his tongue into your mouth and silences your moans as his hands find your warm core.

Keeping two fingers firmly in place, the handsome stranger pulls his throbbing cock from his pants with his free hand, then thrusts himself into you without hesitation as the slick fingers he replaced are being forced into your mouth. The feeling of your warm, wet pussy against the handsome strangers dick as he pounds into you against the house, topped with the incredible site of you sucking your juices from his fingers, is enough to make him want to cum then and there. But he wants to prolong this forbidden act. The more excited he gets, the harder it becomes to control his urge to groan loudly while you claw at his neck and back, needing to get closer. The stranger pistons into you as your body stiffens when you cum hard and fast  around him. You bite into his shoulder as you shudder against the brick wall and quietly grunt through your gratification.

Releasing your legs from around his waist, the handsome stranger twists you around to face away from him so he can get as deep as possible. The only thing you have to hold onto is the holes in the trellis as he yanks at your hips unceremoniously. Your fingers lace into the holes while the handsome stranger slides his cock through your soaking wet flesh until he is satisfied he is as deep as he is going to get. Holding one hand firmly on your waist and another over your mouth, the strangers relentlessly thumps against your skin in such a way his balls are smacking against your overly swollen clit. The cool night air and the barely there touch against the sensitive spot make you want to scream, but you won't in fear that your guests will find us. Suddenly the back door opens, and an older gentleman steps out to enjoy an evening cigar.

What will you do now, Yvette? Stop? I don't think so.

In fear of getting caught, you attempt to pull away from the stranger, but he will not allow you to do so. The handsome stranger releases your mouth, because you both know that if you make too much noise you will be found in a very compromising position. And getting caught is the last thing either of you want. The stranger slowly slides in and out of you, feeling the build of another orgasm clenching his shaft. If you were any closer to the older gentleman he would hear your breathing quickly picking up in shallow pants. Not willing to let you go until he has properly released himself, the handsome stranger glides himself in and out at a slow pace, in and out, in and out. The tightening of his balls assures him he is close.

Ut oh, Yvette. The door opens again and out pops an elderly woman to scold the gentleman for partaking in his unhealthy vice. With a snarl, the gentleman puts out his cigar and retreats back to the house with the woman in tow. A slight squeak emanates from your mouth when the door closes. All alone again. The handsome stranger picks up he relentless pace, fast and hard, until you both cum in perfect harmony and fall into a nearby lounge chair, still attached to each other.

I hope this fantasy will satisfy any cravings you may have this evening.

See you tonight Nicole. Tell my mother I'll bring the wine.

Your favorite brother in law,

AKA Marc Cox