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Saturday, March 28, 2015



As I sit in my car, watching the white door of the ordinary house that looks like every other one on the block, my stomach flutters with nervous anticipation.
 "If we don't knock on the door soon we will miss the opportunity. Again," whines Lisa, the perky little blond the sitting next to me.
For a moment I forgot I wasn't alone while trying to muster the courage to do the craziest damn thing I have ever done. When Lisa came to me weeks ago and told me that her boyfriend, my boyfriend, was cheating on us both, I was absolutely crushed. Lisa told me the sad tale of how her and Kyle moved here to California together to attend college. He has been her long time boyfriend since high school and they even planned on getting married after they both finished college next month. Lisa’s family is very wealthy and because they were to be married her father paid off all of Kyle’s student loans last semester as an early wedding gift.
"I don't know if I'm ready," I respond, fiddling with the key fob in my hand.
"Tough shit! I am. He did this to both of us. If you don't want in then I'll do this with the She Devil myself." Lisa opens the door to my light blue VW and prances across the street like a woman on a mission.
I quietly whisper to Lisa that we should just forget about him and leave, but she shakes her head and rings the doorbell over and over again. I try and pull her off the porch and she shakes me off before pounding on the door like the police with a warrant.
The door flies open to reveal the woman we have been watching for the past two weeks. Her dark black hair a stark contrast to her creamy white skin that is her personal canvas for the colorful ink that is hidden by a black maxi dress. Damn, if she isn’t even scarier up close.
"What the fuck do you want?! Jesus!"
"I want to talk to you. My friend Kendra and I need to tell you something."
"Not interested," the She Devil mutters as she slams the door closed in our faces.
"It's about your boyfriend, Kyle!" I yell.
The sultry, inked up woman slowly opens the door again.  Her emerald green eyes narrow to tiny slits while she pops her hands on her hips, looking very interested in what we have to say.
"How do you know Kyle," the edgy temptress before me inquires. Her face, only a few inches in front of mine, makes me gulp the lump in my throat down until it sinks into my stomach and hatches a swarm of butterflies. With her teeth clenched she snarls, “talk”.
Lisa pulls me closer to her before entering the house uninvited. "We will tell you why we are here, but leave her alone," she demands.
"You bitches got one minute to talk before I toss you out. Speak."
Lisa tells the woman, who has identified herself as Gina, the tale I already know. The past two weeks have been a series of stakeout missions and tracking the bastard that has brought us all together. To the best of our knowledge we are the only three that Kyle is stringing along.
"Look, we know this a little extraordinary, but I don't necessarily want him getting off that easy. He has played you both for weeks, me years." Lisa explains. “We just want to confront him together so he thinks twice about doing this to anyone again. Gina ponders something for a moment as she adjusts herself in the high back black chair she fell into.
The pleated leather chair looks like a throne fit for the devils queen. Her house is as equally as ridiculous as she is. The walls are all blood red with white trim and antique black furniture.  There is original dark art on the walls. Knowing Kyle, he chose her because she is probably just as freaky in the sack as she is in the looks department. 
A phone audibly vibrates and we all check our pockets.  Lisa's pink glossy lips curl into a smirk. "Looks like our target is looking for a good time."
"Perfect!" I smile as I look up from the picture on the wall of Gina and Kyle at some sort of party. From anyone else's point of view it would look like an ordinary house party. However, the shirt he is wearing is the same one he wore two weeks ago when he got a call saying there was an emergency at work and he had to leave abruptly. If I wasn’t sure I was in before, I am damn sure now.
“Sit tight, I have a plan for our boy.” Gina excuses herself to the room at the top of the stairs. As the quiet minutes tick by, my resolve is weakening. I really don’t know how the hell I got mixed up in this. I am more of a, slap him in public and ignore his calls, kind of girl. I don’t even know if I can trust these two. I am all for confronting the bastard, but sitting in the fun house of horrors here, I am a little nervous that Lisa and Gina have a bit more up their sleeves.
Lisa has years worth of heartache to avenge, and Goth Barbie here looks like she may know where to hide a body. Frankly, I just want to call him an asshole and go back to the dorm to study for finals. I am doing this more for Lisa than for myself. I have had guys cheat on me before. Kyle was decent in the sack but he is not worth all the time I have already spent on him.
I hear a door creak open and I look at the staircase to see Gina floating down the stairs in a long black satin robe. Her long, black, silky hair perfectly, pin straight lay flat down her small chest and blend into her robe as if it was made that way.  While Gina tells us her plan, I am barely listening to the words coming out of her pouty red lips. The woman is mesmerizing. Scary, but alluring all the same. Women have never really been my thing, but I can definitely see why Kyle would be fascinated with her.
“Kendra, you in,” Lisa asks as I pull my stare away from Gina.
“Huh. Uh. Yeah, I’m in.” I breathe before looking back into the dark rimmed eyes of the hypnotizing woman who is making me more nervous than I have ever been before.
Gina smirks at me and lifts her red talon to my cheek. “You sure? You look a little sweet for something like this.” Gina’s eyes flick to my parted lips then down the front of my ample chest. My pale blue summer dress feels transparent when she looks at me with those piercing green eyes of hers. My plain white cotton panties are moist from this woman’s touch
“I’m…” my voice shakes. I clear my throat and stand a little taller as I look away to Lisa whose eyes are as big as saucers. “I’m in.”
“Good. Let’s get ready. I already called him and he is on his way.
About a half hour later Kyle knocks on the slightly ajar door that opens wider as he says, “Hello”.
My heart is racing as Lisa and I wait in the dark bathroom for our signal. I know in my heart this is crazy, but something about the way Gina described our revenge excites me in a way I have never felt before.
Gina calls Kyle’s name from the back of the house with only candles lighting the dark hallway. From the slight crack in the door I can see Kyle walking carefully towards her as she leans against the back wall.
“What’s all this,” he asks, reaching for her.
“Close your eyes and I will show you.” Gina holds up her hand to halt him in his tracks. When Gina snaps her fingers Lisa and I jump on him from behind and tackle him to the ground. Gina pulls the black silky sash from her robe and ties his hands together behind his back before we flip him over.
I switch on the kitchen light and as his eyes adjust to the brightness he pales, while all three of us stand over him.
"Fuck." He whispers, more to himself than any of us.
Lisa and I grab each of his arms and pulled him to his feet. Kyle laughs and asks us all what we are going do to him now that we have him right where we want him.
He is enjoying this? Of course he is. He thinks we are poor helpless women who can do nothing to hurt him. Kyle has always been a bit of a cocky bastard, but that is what attracted me to him in the first place. Now, I find it simply revolting.
Gina opens a small drawer in the hall and pulls out a long black whip. My eyes open wide and Lisa gasps. Gina stands before us in nothing but a black studded bra and panties.  Kyle smiles and Gina cracked her whip, strategically hitting him between his legs.
"Goddammit! Stop fucking around Gina!" he groans. 
"Oh, funny you say it like that Kyle." Gina scrapes her long red fingernails along his chest, leaving bright red scratches in her path. "You can go politely to the room at the top of the stairs, or you can get your ass whipped while we get answers. Your choice."
Kyle lunges forward while Lisa and I just barely hold him back. Gina laughs at his inability to get to her.
We pull Kyle up the stairs and Lisa opens the door. When the light flicks on, the dim room comes to life. A lone chair sits in the middle of the room. Gina pulls Kyle forward by his hair and sits him down, holding onto his shoulders as he thrashes about. Lisa and I quickly strap his ankles to the chair and step back so the dark mistress in the room can get the answers we all are looking for.
“Why did you find it necessary to fuck all three of us?” Gina questions, as she runs the tails of cat-o-nine she plucked off the wall near the bed, through her fingers.  
“Why not,” Kyle jokes.
Gina, none to pleased, strolls over to the trussed up man and unbuttons his pants. Kyle smirks and lifts his hips to goad her as she pulls his pants around his ankles. Kyle’s semi hard cock springs to life when the seductress in front of him grabs him by the throat and tells him to behave or else.
“Or else what? You will whip me. Go ahead. Maybe I like it,” Kyle taunts.
Gina walks over to Lisa and takes her by surprise by grabbing the back of her hair and kissing her deep. Kyle pulls on his tethers and Gina asks him the question again.
“Don’t kiss my girl,” Kyle barks.
Gina walks over to me and with one fluid motion pulls my dress over my head revealing my bare-naked breasts and those now drenched cotton panties I put on this morning.
Kyle laughs, “This isn't punishment Gina. Kendra has a banging body. That’s why I fuck her. Thanks for the view.” Kyle winks at me and I feel even more naked then I did a moment ago.
Gina steps toward Lisa and removes her short shorts and tank top. Kyle, now frustrated, curses for Gina not to touch Lisa.
“Leave her alone. She is mine. No one else has had her. Do you know how fucking rare and hot that is.” He grunts and pulls to free himself, but it is hopeless.
Gina, now knowing his weakness, uses it against him. With every question he doesn't answer Lisa pays the price with a kiss or a touch that makes her wish Kyle would keep lying. Once she gets acclimated to another woman touching her body, I can tell Lisa enjoys making him squirm and uses it against him by moaning when she is pleased. I watch like a voyeur as my nipples perk up and my hand slides between my legs, enjoying the show.
Gina straddles Kyle’s thighs and grinds herself against his fully hardened rod. “See, now that wasn’t so hard.” With his chin in her hand she whispers into his lips, “now, let the pay back begin.”
Gina stands and walks toward a black chest of drawers in the corner of the room. She pulls out a short black rubber dildo that is attached to a harness that she secures around her thighs. I stand there captivated as I watch her strip off Lisa’s bra and panties. Gina whispers something in Lisa’s ear and her eyes get dreamy as she nods in agreement. Gina pulls me toward them both and I freeze. This wasn't exactly the plan.
Lisa and Gina kiss and touch each other while I watch. Gina’s nails dig in to my flesh when I try to step away. I don’t really think I want to participate; just watching is enough for me to get myself off.
Gina slowly looks from Kyle, who is swearing, then to me. “You are a part of this, too. He may not give a shit about you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun pissing him off while we fuck his prized piece.” Lisa smiles and I nob my head.
I’m in.
Lisa grips the footboard of the bed and sticks her ass high in the air. Gina steps behind her and rubs the thick, black, silicone shaft, up and down her slit. Lisa begs for her to fuck her while she stares at Kyle in the eye. Gina slowly splits Lisa in two while Kyle watches, thrashing about.
“Get the hell off my girlfriend, Gina! Lisa. Baby, I’m sorry. Don’t do this! Tell her to stop. I messed up. But I did it for us. I wanted her to teach me some things so I could be a better lover for you.” Kyle’s eyes plead as he pulls and tugs his arms.
“Kendra, kneel in front of Lisa with your back against the headboard.”
"Uhhhh....I don't think -"
"NOW!" Gina yells, and I do as I'm told. I sit cross-legged with my head against the wooden footboard of the bed. I watch Gina glide in and out of Lisa with ease. My unobstructed view is spellbinding.  Lisa's clean shaved flesh glistens just inches from my face. I have nowhere to go. Gina pushes Lisa's ass until I have no choice but to participate.  I lick and suck on Lisa's clit as Gina pounds into her pussy. Lisa holds the top of my head with one hand and grinds herself into my face. My hands dig into her thighs and I feel them tighten when her dam of bliss breaks free. I feel droplets drip onto my legs as Gina pulls out. She pushes Lisa onto the bed over my head.
Before I can have a say, Gina shoves the false rubber object into my mouth. The tangy taste excites my taste buds and I suck it down until it is licked clean. As quickly as she invaded my mouth, is as quickly as she pulled the forbidden dessert from my lips.
Gina pulls back and pulls another strap on off the dresser. This one is much thicker and longer. She tells Lisa to help me into the harness while she walks over to Kyle who is way beyond pissed off. Gina stands in front of Kyle and holds the silicone fuck stick under his nose.
From across the room Lisa laughs, “You will never again smell my pussy so you should enjoy it while you can.” Gina slaps it across Kyle's face and he let's out another sting of curses.
“Kendra, on your back.” I lay on the bed as instructed and Lisa straddles my thighs. Gina flips a switch and I feel a vibration pinpointed directly on the hidden nub. Gina kneels behind Lisa and massages her breasts as she sets an even pace and whispers, “Kyle may have been the only one who has been in that pretty pink pussy, but this is going to be all mine.” Gina smacks Lisa’s ass as she struggles to get used to the girth inside her.
 Gina pushes down on her back so Lisa and I are face to face. I hold open Lisa's heart shaped ass as Gina squirts warm oil down her spine and drags it to where no man, or woman, has ever gone before. Small jerks and from Gina bounce Lisa against me.
Kyle grunts and struggles to get free. I hear a crack, then a thud, and we all freeze and turn around to see Kyle pulling the scraps of material off of himself. Kyle managed to stand and smash the chair against the wall until he broke free.
Gina tries to move, but Kyle grabs her upper arms and holds her in place. I can hear him kick off his jeans before they fall heavy on the floor; his belt buckle pinging off the wood makes me flinch. From where I am on the bed I can't see him, only hear him.
"You want to act like a whore, Gina? Then I'll treat you like one."
The whole bed shifts as Kyle slams against her, which drives her forward into Lisa, and down on me, making the vibration tickle my sweet spot. Like a boat in rough water, we sway and shift together. Kyle grips Lisa's hair while he pins Gina between them. The dull build between my legs is now becoming a more urgent need to release. Lisa is right on board with me, I can tell by the way her breathing had changed. Kyle trusts into Gina harder and harder, threatening her to cum or he would use her own whip on her.
A mishmash of screams and grunts fills the room. My eyes roll to the back of my head as Lisa's lips find mine. Kyle groans and jerks against us a few more times before he falls across Gina's back.
The weight of everyone on top of me is too much to tolerate any longer. "Can you all get off of me?" I groan, breathless.
Kyle’s feet hit the floor with a thud. From over Lisa’s shoulder I catch Gina looking at Kyle with a crazy gleam in her eye. Lisa tries to sit up, but Gina holds her down by the small of her back as she pulls out of her. Gina turns her head slightly and Kyle kissed her deep. She wraps her small arms around his neck and giggles into his mouth.
Kyle pulls away from Gina and slaps her ass. "We done with them now, baby? Or did you want to play some more?"
Lisa and I lock eyes, horrified.
Kyle falls on the bed beside us so his face is next to ours. His wolfish grin makes me want to punch him. "You two are free to leave now. Unless you want to stay for another round." He kisses us each on the cheek quickly then stands and walks out of the room with Gina locked on his side.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Behind Closed Doors

Damn doorbell!

"URGH!!!! Are you kidding me?!" I grunt. 

"Ignore it," Adam says as he adjusts the spreader bar. "I promised you a new experience and I plan on making good on that promise."

"I can't ignore it. You know I can't. What if it is one of the kids? Maybe they forgot something."

"Fine," Adam huffs as he pulls the buckles off of my ankles. "But you got five minutes to get whoever it is out of here before I walk down there and get rid of them myself. I wouldn't doubt it if that asshole ex-husband of yours has this place wired and is just interrupting us because he can."

"Yes Sir," I whisper into his lips before stomping out of the room. I wouldn't doubt it either. Jay doesn't particularly like Adam, and since we have been dating, Jay has done everything he can to ruin our weekends alone. 

 I pull back the curtain in the living room to see Stacy, our nosey neighbor from across the street, standing on out porch. 

"Shit." Not only are we being interrupted, but we are being interrupted by Miss Hoity Toity herself. 

Stacy thinks that just because her husband is the Chief of Police in this town, she can run her mouth to whoever will listen. She is constantly over here trying to get me to join one of her woman's groups full of cackling man-hating divorcees who think they are better than everyone else. She is always gossiping and putting in her two cents where it doesn't belong. Little does she know, Mr. Chief of Police is screwing his secretary who is just shy of half his age. I have half a mind to open the door dressed in this red latex corset, thigh highs, and panties that Adam insisted I wear.

"Who is it?" Adam yells from the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. 

"Stacy. The neighbor from across the street."

"Four minutes!"

"I'm coming! Hold on!" I yell back. 

"Excuse me?"

I clear my throat. "Hold on, Sir. I will be right there," I shout as sweetly as I can.  

"Better. Three minutes." 

I guess I don't really have a choice at this point.  I the hell am I going to cover myself up dressed head to toe in red latex?

I throw open the door and watch Stacy's eyes widen as she scrutinizes me up and down. She gasps and takes a step back, as if I am going to lunge at her. Her reaction is just what I expected. I have no doubt my ears will be ringing tonight. My outfit alone should give her, and her stuck-up friends lots to talk about. 

"Yes?" I ask, not hiding my irascible mood. 

Stacy stumbles over her words mumbling something about needing sugar. I wave her inside, and she hesitates for a second before stepping over the threshold. She is very careful not to touch me as she holds her measuring cup close to her chest. I walk in the kitchen and open the cabinet to get a box of sugar from the top shelf. I need to get her out of here before-

"Time's up!" Adam yells down the stairs. The sound of naked feet slapping against the wooden steps makes my heart thump harder and harder. Adam is not a shy man by any means. He may be reserved when common decency calls for it, but there is no way anything is going to stand in his way when he is determined to get me tied up and screaming.  

I double time it to the foyer to see Stacy frozen in her place near the bottom of the stairs. Her eyes widen further as Adam walks down the stairs in…well, nothing. He doesn't even take notice of the woman in the hall while he strokes his cock as he descends the stairs with a crop in his hand. Stacy nearly faints as he rounds the staircase in his birthday suit. 

"Oh..uhhhh…" Adam looks around for something to cover up with, but I notice Stacy doesn't avert her eyes.


I step next to Adam and hand over the box of sugar to my neighbor who is clearly very interested in what is behind the pillow Adam is using as a shield. Stacy reaches for the box, but her lack of attention causes it to slip from her hand. The box splits open, and white granules spill all over the floor.

Great! Now I'll have to clean that up. Or do I? An idea pops into my head, not one I am sure Adam will be on board with though. I guess we will see how this plays out. Stacy wants a show; we will give her one she'll never forget. 

Stacy apologizes profusely as I hand her a small dustpan and sweeper. I meet Adam's eyes and smile devilishly as I look between him and the pillow. I jerk my head to the side, non-verbally telling him to get rid of it. He shakes his head slowly and darts his eyes between me and Stacy, who is on her knees, head bowed as she cleans up the mess she made. I nod my head slowly. Adam grunts, clearly annoyed, but he never moves. 

I pull the pillow away and scold Stacy for intruding on our private time. She apologizes again, and when she looks up, she finds me stroking him with one hand, a mere inch from her face. Stacy gulps hard and gently licks her lips. I move closer to her, bending at the waist to whisper in her ear.

"You like watching us?" I murmur. "I bet it has been a long time since you sucked a man off. Do you want to touch Adam?" Stacy shakes her head in the negative and tries to stand, but my hands on her shoulders are preventing her from doing so. "Oh, I think you do. I think you are dying to find out what we do in the bedroom. I would wager that husband of yours is pretty damn boring in that department. I bet he doesn't even take his socks off when you fuck." I emphasize the last part. My lips are gently touching the shell of Stacy's ear as I speak. She shivers. 

Truth be told; Stacy is an attractive woman. Bleach blond bob without a hair or eyelash out of place. High end all the way, from her Dior perfume to her Manolo heels. Yet something about her tells me she could be a good time if she pulled that designer stick out of her spoiled ass and let loose a little. She is obviously curious. It is my experience that it's always the people you least expect who have that wild side deep inside just waiting to be set free. 

I glance up at Adam, who is smiling. He takes over where I left off, his cock standing at full attention in his palm. I run my fingers into Stacy's hair and tug back, so her mouth opens slightly. I take Adam's cock in my hand and pull him a step forward. I trace his tip along her perfectly glossed pink lips, leaving behind a shiny finish. I tell Stacy to open her mouth, and she shakes her head, no. 

I kneel behind her and continue to whisper in her ear. "You know you want to. You see that little bead forming on his tip?" I lean forward, taking her with me. The tip of my tongue flicks the dewy drop that is threatening to drip onto the floor. "Mmmm. So sweet." 

I watch Adam's eyes darken as that lone drop slides down the back of my tongue. Stacy watches us with a longing in her eyes. I feel her heartbeat pounding through her back. A small moan squeaks past her newly whitened teeth and her tongue licks the salty flavor that Adam left behind on her mouth just a few moments ago. A grin pulls my lips from ear to ear as I savor the taste of my man in my mouth. "You're turn, Stacy."

I pull Stacy's shirt open to reveal a white lace bra. Her eyes never leave Adam. I tell her to open her mouth, and this time she does. I move Stacy's head back and forth as she sucks Adams cock with some hesitation. She resists taking it too deep at first, but after a few more pumps her mouth widens and takes in more that she can fit. I keep a firm grip on her hair as my other hand lifts her skirt. I rip through her silky nude pantyhose with ease. She is completely bare underneath which shocks me a bit. 

"Open," I command, slapping the inside of her thighs. 

Stacy slides her knees wider apart. My fingers slide between her legs to find her pussy already slick. I drag two fingers inside her as Adam takes over fucking her face. My fingertips press the sensitive spot inside her that makes most woman get the sudden urge to pray. From her body's jerking reaction, she either has never been touched there before, or it hasn't been touched in years. Stacy squeals a bit as I work the spongy spot over and over again. My sodden fingers slide up her slit and settle on the hardened nub that is pulsing under my fingertips. 

I rub her clit, and Adam holds the sides of Stacy's head as he drives into her. Stacy moans and her thighs tighten. I rub her harder and pinch her nipples through the lace of her bra. Stacy stiffens, her back to my front. From the way she is moaning around his cock and the way her body is jerking, she is going to cum harder than she has in a very long time. Whatever pent up sexual frustration this woman had when she walked into my foyer, it is about to make the pile of sugar between her legs a hot syrupy mess. 

Adam's grunting tells me he is going to unload too. Unfortunately for Stacy, he is mine. He can use her, but his cum is only for me. I pull her head back. Adam's rod falls out of her mouth audibly, strings of saliva like sticky tethers holding them together. With her face less than an inch away, I stroke Adam's cock. Adam's thick cream shoots into the back of my throat and drips from my chin while I work Stacy's clit harder with my hand. Just as the last drop is milked from him, I swallow. Still working her between her legs, I pull Stacy's hair and force her lips to mine. She moans deep, and I feel warm goo melt into my hand. Adam holds our heads together as our tongues swirl and twist around in a messy mouth dance. 

Stacy relaxes against me. I push her forward, and she catches herself with her hands before her head hits the floor. I walk into the kitchen to get something to clean up the mess she made. I throw a rag and some floor cleaner on the next to her. 

Stacy blinks up at me a few times. Her face is red and flushed with embarrassment, her eyelids heavy from pure satisfaction. Adam snorts out a laugh before turning to walk back up the stairs. 

I bend over and grip Stacy's chin in my hand. "The next time you interrupt, I won't be so nice. Now, clean up this mess and lock the door behind you." I release her chin and take two steps toward the staircase. 

I hear Stacy speak for the first time since she entered my home. "Yes, ma'am," she quietly says. 

A warm feeling of satisfaction runs through my veins. I take the stairs slowly, enjoying my small victory over the woman who makes most people shake in their Jimmy Choo's. When I reach the bedroom door, I see Adam casually sitting on the edge of the bed, crop in his lap.  His eyes find mine, and he holds up his hand. I immediately pause. 

"You have fun, Sweetheart?" He queries. 

"Yes." I smile. 

"I'm glad. But you seem to have forgotten who is really in charge here. Yes, what?" Adam tilts his head to the side as a warning. 

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl. Now get your ass in here because that was the hottest fucking thing I have ever experienced, and I'm gonna need to fuck you now." 

"YES, SIR!" I giggle. My eyes widen as Adam pulls me against his body for a kiss that should have melted the latex panties off of my overheated body. 

I vaguely hear the front door close while Adam is pulling at the strings on the back of the red and black latex corset. When his lips pull away, Adam quickly spins me in his arms, so I am facing away from him. He yanks on the strings and pulls the black satin ribbon through the loops until my body is free of the rubbery material. Adams's hand finds my throat. He gives it a slight squeeze while kissing my shoulders. My head falls onto his chest while he walks us forward until my knees hit the bed. 

"Hands on the mattress," Adam instructs. The spreader bar that was removed before is quickly buckled around my ankles once again.

Just as it is set in place, my body is lifted and thrown on the bed. My overheated skin is a stark contrast to the comforter that is cooling my back.  Adam grips the bar and holds it high in the middle while unzipping my red latex panties. As my moist lips become exposed to the air in the room, I purr. Adam wastes no time. The bar is trusted up over my head and tucked in at the back of my neck.  I grunt at the action, expecting it to hurt; expecting my body to protest and cramp up, but it doesn't. It's not bad at all. 

"Ummmm….beautiful. Completely at my mercy."

I say nothing. I smile and watch as his hands pull at my breasts until they are peeking out between my knees. My ass is up high off the bed and every time I lean my head back, my ass moves higher. 

Adam slowly pushes two fingers inside me, and my eyes roll. Being exposed like this is very odd. If it weren't for the wonderful feeling of his fingers deep inside me, I might have too much time to think about how completely ridiculous I must look. Adam dips his head low and sucks on my clit as he fingers me quick and hard. God, this feels fantastic!

"Good Girl. Now cum for me." He demands. 

I cannot cum on demand. I just can't. That is not how my body works. However, just as the words leave his mouth, his middle finger tickles my g-spot. Warm liquid sprays out of me, splashing against Adams's stomach and leaving rivets of my own juices dripping off of my chest and stomach onto my bed. 

I scream in a way I have never screamed before, right before I lose my breath entirely. Stars explode on my ceiling, and my vision goes blurry. I can't hear or think. I can only feel the excruciating pleasure that is flooding my body and boiling my blood.  

What the hell was that? That has never happened to me before. 

Adam grips my thighs and slams inside me. He holds my breasts and pinches my nipples as he drives into me relentlessly. I am screaming and moaning so loud I am sure the neighbors have probably called 911 by now. 

"One more. We are not done until you give me one more," Adam grunts. 

"Yesssss, yessss, oh God," I squeal.

Adam pinches my clit between his fingers and slams into me, grinding his hips and swirling himself deep inside. My body seizes and jerks as another orgasm hits me hard. Adam grins as if this is the most victorious moment of his life. My eyes close and I bite my bottom lip when Adam releases himself in the deepest part of my womanhood. I feel him jerking and twitching inside me with each pounding thrust. 

Adam falls on top of me and kisses my lips gently. I feel his hands unbuckling the straps at the same time. The bar falls on the bed behind my head, and my legs wrap around his waist. My arms circle around his neck. Adam, clearly exhausted, rolls next to me and pulls me into his side. 

I absentmindedly trace circles on his stomach as our breathing evens out. Adam made good on his promise. Nothing nearly as creative as it would have been had we not have been interrupted, but that's okay. I turn my head and watch the handsome man next to me peacefully resting with his eyes closed. My mind drifts off thinking about how grateful I am to have met someone like him. Every experience with Adam is a new adventure. An adventure I am glad we get to explore together. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Home Cuming

Home Cuming

As Ava drove home from a very long day at the office, her mind kept drifting off, fantasizing about her fiancé Mark and all the dirty things she was hoping he would do to her tonight. She hated when Mark traveled, but she loved how hungry for her he was when he returned. She knew she was in for the foreplay she craved with the man who knew her body better than anyone ever had before.

Ava watched the cookie cutter homes in her gated community pass by and wondered if anyone else she knew liked the sexual predilections that her and her lover often expressed. She knew that acts such as theirs were never discussed openly, or even hinted at, in their upper middle class suburban community, but still she wondered how unique they were.

Ava pulled into her driveway and was disappointed when she didn't see Mark's car. He text her from the airport over an hour ago so she thought for sure he would beat her home. And she thought, or wished, he would be waiting to play upon her arrival. Ava gathered her purse and briefcase from the passenger seat and entered the house. Her heels clicked across the marble foyer floor, and the sound brought her back to the day Mark left for his trip, when he had pinned her up against the front door, needing her one more time to make up for the spell they would be apart.

Ava's body heated in anticipation, and she thought a glass of wine would be a good idea to settle her nerves. As she poured the crimson colored liquid into her glass, she could feel the lacy thong between her thighs becoming moist. As she sipped and swirled the fruity concoction in her mouth, her mind once again drifted back to her beloved. Ava hoisted herself up in the corner of the countertop and settled her heels on either side of her; exposing the blooming crux of pleasure to the coolness of the air in the kitchen. She tilted her head back until it hit the cabinet door behind her, and slid her hand between her thighs. She moved the thin strip of fabric to the side and teased her glistening seam with her delicate painted fingernail as she thought of Mark and the many ways he would take her once he got home.

Mark pulled into the driveway and was elated to see Ava's car parked on her side of the driveway. He had been waiting for this part of his day since he woke up in his lonely hotel room this morning, hard and desperately needing a release. Traveling was always difficult for him when Ava didn't join. He missed her, and although he knew she would never stray, he hated leaving her with her needs unfulfilled. He knows she is just as hungry, sexually, as he is, but he discourages her from pleasing herself in his absence because he loves how eager she becomes when she doesn't cum for days on end.

Mark quietly entered the house in hopes of surprising Ava in the shower, or even better, naked and waiting for him in their bedroom. Just as he approached the stairs, he caught a glimpse of her leg propped up on the counter. His heart sank. He was fearful of what he would find in his kitchen. He heard her soft moans and his fists clenched. If there was anyone in his house, fucking his woman, he was going to lose his mind. He swiftly and silently walked toward the kitchen and just as Ava came into full view his shoulders relaxed.

She was alone.

He looked her over, and he felt his semi go to full blown throbbing as he gazed at the woman before him. Her shiny black heels firmly planted on the multi colored granite top was what he noticed first. His eyes roamed up black silky stockings to the pale skin that peeked out the top to reveal her bare womanhood that was drawing him in like a laser beam. Even though he was relieved that she was alone, he was jealous of the digits that were touching what he owns, even if they are her own he didn’t like it.

He stalked closer and saw how turned on she was. He noted the arch of her back and the feverish way she rubbed herself. Just as she bent her fingers at the knuckle, to enter the temple that he worshiped, his nostrils flared, and he exhaled loudly. She was beautiful and all his, but she had disobeyed him, and that was cause for punishment.

Ava's eyes lazily opened to reveal her beloved, and her hands instinctively paused. Mark grabbed Ava's hand and lifted it to his lips. He smelled the arousal on the tips of her fingers and painted his lips with her essence before shoving them into his mouth and licking the indulgence from her fingers. He loved the way she tasted, the way she smelled, the way she felt. He wanted nothing more than to pull her close and kiss the hell out of her, but he needed to stay focused. He knew what she craved from him, what they both needed from each other. The push and pull of Dominant and Submissive is what they both desired from day one. Mark needed to put his own needs to the side to sate his cherished possession.

"Get down, Ava," Mark ordered. The coolness in his tone disappointed Ava at first, but in a flash she knew the game had begun when his eyes revealed his intentions.

"Yes, sir," Ava naturally answered and slinked off the counter.

Mark untied the bow on the side of her navy blue wrap dress and watched as it fell open to reveal a black lace, La Pearla bra and panty set he bought for her on his last business trip. He wanted to smile, he really did, but he kept his face impassive as he slid the dress off her shoulders.

"Take the rest off yourself." Mark knew that if he kept touching her it would be game over. He took a step back and watched her do as he asked.

Ava removed her lingerie, rolled down her stockings, and kicked off her shoes, into a messy pile on the floor near her feet. Mark walked out of the kitchen, and Ava knew she needed to follow. Without a word, he walked into his office and stood at the far end of the room. Ava dutifully followed, and when Mark snapped his fingers, she folded her legs and kneeled, facing the wall. Although Ava couldn't see his face, Mark smiled at her from above, then shoved his hands in his pockets to restrain himself, yet again, from touching her and ending this game before it started.

Without another word, Mark stomped out of the office and into their adjoining bedroom where he very loudly made an audible show of stripping off his clothes. Mark made sure to pull his tie from his shirt quickly so the sound of the silk rubbing against his shirt could be heard from where Ava was in the next room. He then undid his belt, making a snapping sound by folding it in half then pulling it taut. The loud popping sound echoed off the dark wooden walls in his office. He glanced through the door as Ava's back straightened, and her shoulders rose and fell with each panting breath.

Ava could hear him. The swoosh of his tie, the snap of his belt, the thump of his shoes hitting the floor before he turned on the shower, but Mark didn’t close the bathroom door. She wanted nothing more than to go to him, but she knew he was angry with her. She disobeyed him and if there is one thing Mark requires more than anything it is control. Ava always looked forward to their play sessions and anticipated them throughout the day. She enjoyed knowing that she made him happy when he had a rough day at work. She craved his touch, especially when he would come home with nothing more than her on his mind.

Ava had found a man who understood her like no one ever had before. He knew her body better than she knew it herself. She had never had this type of relationship with a man before, and ever since she tasted it, she knew it would be all she ever wanted. From the erotic promises he sends her throughout the day, to the small touches at night, she knows that Mark loves her. And for Ava, the best way for her to return those feelings are to give him the greatest gift she could ever bestow upon him, her unconditional trust and submission.

Mark tried to steady his heart rate as the hot water from the shower beat down on him. He was so turned on by the image of Ava sitting on the counter, he found himself, more than once, stroking his shaft absentmindedly. Mark leaned his back against the cool glass wall and played out a different scenario in his head than what actually happened. He imagined kneeling before his goddess and shoving his face between her thighs before bending her over the kitchen counter as he pounded into her mercilessly. Just as her beautiful face came into focus behind his eyelids, he spurt hot thick goo all over the opposite wall. It was just what Mark needed to regain his focus so he was able to control himself for the scene that was about to play out.

After cleaning himself up, Mark stepped out of the shower and dried off.  He walked through the bedroom and saw that Ava was a bit more relaxed, but still in sub position; head bowed with her hands on her upper thighs. He knew she was thinking about him, he could feel it. They somehow had this almost psychic connection to each other; as if they were so in tuned with each other they could read the other's minds. They often talked without saying a word. A glance or a motion would be all he needed to know when they were making love or playing out a scene. They had safe words, sure, but they had yet to use them. He knew what Ava wanted and needed from him. He treasured her submission and cherished her infinitely for giving it to him.

But this was a punishment. Mark threw open the door and Ava's belly fluttered as if a swarm of butterflies just hatched inside her. She heard his steps on the hardwood floor. She kept her eyes down but knew he was at his desk. The sound of wood scraping against wood tickled her ears, and she knew he was searching for something in the drawer where he kept some of the tools they would use when Mark wanted to play in his office. From the corner of her eye, Ava could see Mark's bare feet. She knew his erection was inches away from her face, and it took every bit of self-control she had to not reach out and grab it.

"Stand." Marks voice's was deep and throaty as he commanded his woman.

In one fluid motion, Ava stood, still facing the wall. Mark reached around to grab both her arms, and then fastened them together at the wrists with bondage tape. Standing behind her, Mark guided her over to his desk and pressed down on her back, so she bent at the waist. With his foot, Mark kicked open her stance and slid his hand between the juicy lips between her legs. The side of his hand rubbed her from her clit to her ass as he dragged her juices everywhere. The pad of his thumb put gentle pressure on her puckered knot while his middle finger toyed with her clit.

"You are very wet. Is this for me?" he questioned.

"Yes, sir. Always for you," Ava huffed.  

Mark slid down the back of Ava's body and swirled his tongue around her ass while his fingers tease her entrance very slowly. Marks tongue dipped into the taboo zone and his fingers press into her warm pussy at the same time. Ava's body relaxed on the desktop as the forbidden pleasure she was feeling before is now building inside her lower belly once again. Mark felt her body weaken. He pulled back on her tethers to arch her off the desk. He felt her core tense around his fingers. He knows how far he can push her before she is ready to cum. He knows she is close and just as her inner walls clamp down; Mark stops all at once.

Ava whimpers at his absence, but never moves. Mark settles himself into his high back  chair and admires his woman's ass a bit before pulling her by the hips, so she is hovering above his lap. Her legs open, so they are on the outside of Mark’s thighs. Mark grips his throbbing member with one hand while he pulls Ava lower, by her wrists. Ava can feel Mark’s tip splitting her in two as she slowly sinks down into his lap. Just when she is as full of Mark as possible, he pulls her back against his body and pinches her nipples as he grinds himself all around inside her.

Ava's head falls back. Finally having her man inside her is the most euphoric feeling she knows. She craves him. She desires him in a way she would never be able to articulate with words, and as Mark's mouth licks and nips her neck, she moans. Mark reaches in front of her and teases her nub with his fingers.

            "Do you like when I touch you, Ava?" Mark whispers in her ear.

"Yes, sir."

"This is mine, Ava." Mark grips her hard, his appendage splitting his fingers to the sides of her mound. "I will tell you when and where you can cum. Do you understand me?"

"Yes. Yes, I understand, sir," Ava moans.


Mark pushes Ava's back forward and places both hands under her ass. He lifts her up so his tip is just about to leave her, and then he pulls her back down hard, impaling her. Ava gasps. Mark repeats this over and over, watching her creamy pussy sheath his cock with every pull.

"Oh God!" Ava yells into the room. She wasn't told she can cum yet, and she is trying desperately not to, but her body can't take much more without betraying them both.

Mark pushes Ava forward but never lets go of her wrists. He stands behind her and grips her throat as he breathes in her ear, "You will not cum yet. I will tell you when and where you can cum. You are mine to do with as I please."

Without a word, Ava melts her back to Mark's front. She knows he would never hurt her. She loves that he continually pushes her to the brink of insanity then brings her back just as quickly. Mark has trained Ava to be able to withstand his erotic torture. The teasing and seduction is always worth it in the end. Since their first vanilla lovemaking session, Mark has been able to play Ava's body like a well-coordinated symphony, and he yearns for her supplication to do so. 

Mark wraps his arms around Ava's waist and urges her body to walk toward the dark brown leather sofa. Mark twists her in his arms and grips both sides of her face as he kisses her lips for the first time since he has been home. Their tongues slide in and out of each other’s mouth as Mark laces his fingers in Ava's hair.

Mark yanks Ava's head back by the root of her hair and gazes deeply into her pale blue eyes, "Mine!"

Ava smiles and drags Mark's lower lip between her teeth before she hums, "Mine!"

Mark grins before kissing Ava on the nose as he lowers her to the couch. His arms reach under her knees, and he lays her down; so her back is on the seat cushion and her legs are draped over the back, head hanging off. Starting at her lips, Mark kisses his way up her body. His teeth lock on her left breast as his thumb and forefinger tease the right. As he switches his attention, he can see Ava below him gawking at his girthy rod hanging above her face.

Ava licks her lips and lifts her head to lick the tip as Mark nips and kisses down her belly. Ava widens her legs and grips the cool leather couch with her trussed up hands. Mark's need for his woman is becoming intense. He needs to taste and feel her on him. He needs to brand her and make her his again. Still in control he dives into her slickness with two fingers and locates the spongy spot that makes her squirm with delight. When Ava moans, he increases his pace and finger fucks her until he is sure she is going to spill.

With his left hand, he glides his aching cock into Ava's mouth and bucks his hips into her over and over, again. He can hear her gagging and sputtering as he slides himself down her throat; every now and again stopping to take her breath away. Mark never loses his focus. He fucks her with his fingers and flicks Ava's clit with his tongue as she squirts her reward into his mouth.

Mark locks his mouth over her opening and sucks out her juices as he reaches between his legs and extracts himself from her mouth. Mark strokes his engorged cock as Ava gasps for her breath. Mark cascades his hot load over Ava's mouth and chest while grunting into her as he laps up all of the nectar her body gives him. 

Biting her lips first, Mark stands slightly and watches as the last of his spunk coats her milky white skin, driping in rivets down the sides of her breasts. As their eyes lock once again, Mark pulls his finger though the gooey mess and rubs the sticky coating around Ava's lips.

"Mine." Mark declares. Ava smiles and nods as she licks her lips clean.

Mark then glides his hand down her body, spreading himself everywhere. His dripping hand moves to Ava's swollen pussy. As he dips his fingers into her, he proclaims once again,"Mine."

"Yes. Yes, all yours, baby." Ava exhales.

In his final claim of authority, Mark takes his coated finger and pushes into the one place Ava has not allowed him access to yet, taking her completely by surprise. Ava gasps at his intrusion and catches him looking down at her.

"This is mine, too. Every place that I have marked with my seed is mine. You will ask my permission before you pleasure yourself again. Are we clear?"

"Will I be punished like this again if I don't ask permission first?"

"Yes. Every single time. So are you going to be obedient?"

"We'll see." Ava smirks up at Mark's stunned face and giggles as her head falls back off the couch. "Can you untie me now, sir?"

"We'll see," Mark laughs back at her as he straightens himself up and leaves a very messy Ava on his office couch to think about how her smart mouth will get her in trouble in the future.