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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doctor Peter

Patiently waiting in the waiting room for my yearly checkup I cannot help but watch the time tick by on the clock above the receptionist desk. Dr. Myers is over a half an hour behind schedule and since I am the last one sitting here, I'd say I am his final appointment of the day.
"Lisa. The doctor will see you now," the nurse calls from the front desk and points to the door on the wall next to me.
I step through, and a petite redhead wearing kitten scrubs greets me. After she checks my vitals, and my height and weight are charted, I am escorted into another room where I am instructed to strip down and slip on a blue paper gown. She also asks if I would like her to stay during the exam, but I decline. Dr. Myers has been my gynecologist for many years and I know the drill well. He has no bedside manner, but his checkups are thorough and quick.
As I look around the room at the breast exam posters, I rub my upper arms to keep warm. "Why the hell do they always keep it so cold in these exam rooms," I whisper to myself.
Just then, I hear a man's voice on the other side of the door wishing the nurses a good evening; but it does not sound like Dr. Myers. The handle on the door clicks and the door swooshes open. As I look up to give the same awkward smile I am sure Dr. Myers sees a hundred times a day, the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention because it is not Dr. Myers who enters. It is a handsome younger version of the old man I’ve known for years. He stands taller, and his hair is darker, but there is no doubt they are father and son; or at the very least, related.
My mouth becomes arid as the gorgeous man in front of me slowly smiles back, but there is something else. A flicker of recognition perhaps? I study him just as hard as he does me, but I cannot for the life of me place him.
"Good evening, Miss Miller. Sorry to keep you waiting. I am Dr. Myers."
"Dr. Myers? Are you Dr. Myers son?" I ask as I clutch the front of my gown tight, not knowing if I want to cinch it closed or rip it wide open.
A shy smile perks up on the corners of his lips as if he can read my dirty little mind. My eyes roam down his body and then slowly back up. Dr. Myers places my chart on the counter and extends his hand.
"Peter Myers. The nurses call me Dr. Peter to avoid confusion. I have a feeling it is going to stick," he chuckles lightly.
Feeling a bit more at ease, I extend my hand as well and introduce myself. "Lisa Miller. Nice to meet you."
"Lisa Miller? I went to high school with a Lisa Miller. Any chance you went to Madison Prep?"
"Go Wildcats," I cheer as I pump my fist in the air. As cool air hits my naked chest I feel the tips of my ears heat up with embarrassment, but Peter's eyes never break contact from mine. I slowly pull my hand down and grab hold of the thin material that separates us. My hardened nipples brush up against the paper; hardened not only from the coolness of the room, but from the man who still has my hand firmly in his.
I pull my hand back and tuck a stray strand of mahogany colored hair behind my ear. "Peter Myers. I don't think I remember you, sorry."
"Salutatorian at graduation…Captain of the chess team…no?"
"Sorry, no," I apologize searching my brain for some recollection of him.
"I guess we just ran in different circles. I mean the cheerleaders rarely took notice of us geeks." Peter stuffs both hands in his pants pockets and leans back against the counter. That gesture alone floods my mind with memories of a cute, nerdy kid always standing in the corner with his hands in his pockets, watching me as I passed him in the hall.
"No, no. I remember, now. Polite Pet-sorry." I thin my lips realizing what I just said. Our school wasn't necessarily big, and we all knew each other, but rarely interacted outside our social circles. Peter was always around somewhere though, holding doors or helping us with our homework.  Now that I think of it, I don't know if we ever really thanked him for any of it. We just always expected him to be there, willing to lend a hand.
"No. Don't be. I know what you girls called me, but I never minded. I would rather be, Polite Peter, than your boyfriend, Asshole Andrew." Peter leaned in slightly and changed his voice to a whisper. "We geeks had nicknames for people, too."
"Oh. I guess he deserves that. He was an asshole." I agree with his assessment of my, then, boyfriend.
"Past is the past. We all have socially awkward moments in our lives. By my freshman year of college, I finally grew into myself." He says with a gleam in his eye. "Speaking of awkward, are you comfortable with me doing your exam or would you rather come back when my father is here?”
My mind is saying to wait for the old man, but the burning feeling in my stomach is screaming, touch me please. I bite my bottom lip as I think about my options. Peter shifts his weight from one foot to the next and removes his hands from the pockets of his pants. His white lab coat covers his front, but not before I notice a slight bulge against his zipper. My eyes widen fractionally, and I blurt out a little too eager, "You do it."  
"Okay," he mutters through the face splitting smile that moves him from the category of dreamy to drop dead sexy. "Lay back and put your arm over your head."
As my back hits the table, anticipation and anxiety bubble in my stomach. I watch as Peter moves around the room, preparing instruments and snapping gloves onto his hands. Every movement he makes is more erotic than the last. When he separates the gown, my heart beats faster. I notice a small bead of sweat forming on Peter's temple, and when he grabs my full breast in his hand and begins to massage, my knees snap shut. The action does not go unnoticed. Peter's hands still. His gaze slowly drags up to mine and I can see that his hooded chocolate brown eyes are nearly black with desire. Peter removes his hand and takes a half step back.
"Lisa, I think we should stop. It is probably best if you come back and have my father complete your exam. I'm sorry," he apologizes.
I lean up on my elbows, which causes the gown to open completely; revealing everything it was supposed to conceal. Peter swallows hard and his eyes wander over my naked form. "Sorry for what?"
"I think you know, Lisa." He cocks his head to the side, clearly not appreciating my attempt at acting coy.
My eyes drop until I see his evident excitement snaking down his leg. Feeling a bit bold, I slowly move my hand the few inches between us until my fingertips graze the outline of, what appears to be, his very impressive, growing arousal. His eyes slam shut as he attempts to control himself. Trying desperately to contain his attraction to me, he shifts his hips back until my hand falls away.
"Lisa we cannot do this. I am your doctor. This violates a code of ethics I swore to uphold." Peter runs his fingers through his hair and grips it at the roots while looking down at the floor. I enjoy knowing that I effect him; that I make him hard and crazy with need.
I swing my legs off the side of the table, not once so much as endeavoring to cover myself. "You're fired," I declare. 
"What!" His eyes widen with fear as he drops his hands to his sides.
I slide off the table and take a step toward him. "I said. You. Are. Fired. You are no longer my doctor. Can we continue now?"
I run my hands up the front of his shirt and push the white coat off his broad shoulders and down his arms. Both of us watch as it pools at our feet. Our heads leisurely tilt back until our eyes lock and wordlessly tell each other what we both desire.
"I'll give you a referral before you leave," he growls before his lips crash into mine with such force it knocks me back slightly. His hands pull and tug at the blue paper gown until it is shredded on the floor near his lab coat. His warm hands grip my waist before he hoists me up onto the cold pleather surface.
My hands pull and tug at his white and blue striped button down shirt. I can't get to his bare skin fast enough so I pull at the middle causing buttons fly around the room unceremoniously. I feel him grinning against my lips as his hands fall away and work quickly to unbuckle his belt while kicking off his shoes. My body is on fire as I watch his pants and boxer briefs slide down his thick, muscular thighs and get added to the pile on the floor.
Standing in front of me, as naked as the day he was born, I lick my lips and hop off the table. Dropping to my knees, I wrap my hands around his shaft and take notice that my thumb misses my fingertips by nearly a half inch.
"Suck me," Peter demands as his hands coil in my hair. As he pulls my face closer to him, he was clearly not asking.
I skim my moist lips over the thick crown while working my hands over his shaft. My jaw aches with every inch of him I devour. He guides my head back and forth so I am pulling him in and out of my mouth over and over again; my soft tongue tracing each pulsing vein.
"Ummm. That's it, Lisa. Suck my cock. Do you know how many nights I stroked myself, dreaming of your lips on me? How many fantasies I had as I jacked off thinking of the prom queen on her knees in front of me, sucking me off?" Polite Peter is not so polite anymore. With each crude statement I can feel myself getting wetter and more wanton.
"That's it. Take it. As far as it will go. Gag on it, baby."
I moan as he tells me how good it feels and how much me wants me. The nub between my legs throbs with the rhythm of my heartbeat. I reach between my legs and rub myself in small circles as I pump him harder and faster.
"That feel good? You like touching yourself with my cock in your mouth?" His voice is like chocolate covered sin as it echoes in my ears while he shoves himself deeper and deeper into my mouth.
I mumble, "Ummmhumm" against the rigid rod tickling the back of my throat. He pulls me up off the floor by my biceps and without missing a beat, he grabs my hand and licks my dripping wet fingers, closing his eyes and savoring the taste of me.
"Mmmmmm, good. I want more. Up on the table."
I sit on the table and lay back. Peter adjusts the top into a reclining position and pushes the bottom half of the table underneath. I hear metal sliding against metal as he pulls the stirrups out. The mischievous smile on his face as he grips my ankles and yanks me forward, makes me yelp into the quiet room. Peter gently kisses the instep and calf of each leg before gently placing it in the stirrups. Coming around to the side of the table, I can't take my eyes off of him as his fingertips skim my flesh from my bellybutton to my neck.
"Now, Miss Miller, I think we should finish your exam."
My chest rises and falls as he cups each breast in his large hands and pushes them together before licking and sucking my rock hard nipples. I moan with each flick of his tongue as it sends electric shocks to my already pulsing clit. Every moan and groan I make only encourages him.
"Peter, I need you," I grumble.
"You have no idea how much those words please me," Peter answers as his mouth finds mine and his fingers find the sensitive spot between my legs.
I groan and grind on his hand as his tongue evades my mouth at the same pace his two fingers enter me. As Peter's fingertips curl to find my hot spot, my body tenses as he moves them in harmony with his thumb that is still rubbing my pulsing nub. My inner muscles clench and a warm wave of ecstasy washes over me as Peter glides his fingers in and out of my needy core. My body shakes, and my cries are absorbed into Peter's eager mouth as his kisses take my breath away.
As Peter's fingers slow their gyration and his mouth leaves mine, my body relaxes and melts into the table. I lazily open my eyes to find dark brown orbs studying me carefully as if I were some sort of science experiment.
"Beautiful," he says as his body moves away from mine.
Standing at the foot of the table, he pushes the stirrups wider and pulls at my thighs until my ass is practically hanging off the damn thing. Peter lowers his face and watches me as his tongue darts out of his mouth and through my folds; licking and sucking the gratification he expressed from me only a minute before.
"Peter, please. I need you inside of me. Please," I whine while running my hands through his thick mat of brown hair that is peeking out from between my legs.
Peter stands and dips the head of his cock into my saturated pussy. My eyes roll into the back of my head as his thickness fills me to the hilt. Just as he plugs me with every inch he has, my lips quiver around him at the feeling of his fullness. As Peter starts to move my eyes shoot open. I want to watch the man who is bringing my body to heights it has never seen before. I want to see that he loves being inside me as much as I love the feeling of him. All of him.
As Peter pumps in and out of me, his fingers dig into the soft flesh on my hips. His muscles flex and his pace increases with each thrust. I can't help but scream his name over and over like a mantra as another euphoric buildup pulls from deep within.
"Peter! Oh God, Peter! Fuck me!" I yell squeezing my nipples between my fingertips. My body arcs off the table. As his grip tightens, I know he is just as close as I am. "Cum inside me, Peter."
With a fierce grunt, followed by my name, Peter unloads himself inside me. Thrusting and grinding out the last of our mutual pleasure, our sweaty bodies tangle around each other as he falls on top of me, spent and exhausted. 
His heavy breath tickles my chest as I play with his damp hair between my fingers. Without breaking contact, Peter lifts his head so he can see my face.
"You, my dear, were worth the wait."
"Had I known what I was missing I would have found you sooner." I giggle as our lips find each other one more time.

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  1. Wow! Great erotic story! I'd love to read one of your novels!