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Saturday, January 11, 2014

After graduating college, Emma Hill, is ready to begin her new career at her father's company in New York City. Emma has fought for years to put her abusive past behind her and move on to bigger and better things. When a visit home brings her face to face with the man she fears most, Emma finds that the past is not so easily forgotten. 

Dominic Ross, the lead singer for Lost, has everything he has ever wanted. His music career is finally taking off and after years of hard work, his band finally catches a break. In an empty bar, two days before he is set to go on tour, Dominic sees the girl who stole his heart five years ago, then left him without saying goodbye. 

While trying to reconnect with Dominic, Emma's past and future collide in a way she could have never seen coming. She fights desperately to balance her career and personal life while keeping a painful secret from Dominic. When Dominic finds out Emma's secrets, she is convinced she has lost him forever. 

Or has she…

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